Open Access model is an author pay model. Here, author pays to publisher from the grants/funds provided to him by the university/institute.

Open Access eBooks follows Open Access policies and scientific content will be provided to readers without any cost. To cover the publication expenses and manage the different costs associated with the publication, we charge publication fee to authors.

We charge fee, if your book chapter gets accepted at review process. Please note that there is no submission fee.

Publication fee for each chapter

Low-income economies

400 USD

Middle-income economies

600 USD

High-income economies

800 USD

Publication fee for each eBook/Monograph

Low-income economies

1500 USD

Middle-income economies

1800 USD

High-income economies

2200 USD

Discounts/waivers are provided and differ from case to case. We request you to contact us for further information at

For bulk submissions, please contact us at

Country classification based on their economy by World Bank is here

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