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Leukemia is a group of different cancers of blood cells that usually begin in bone marrow. It results in the high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. Open Access eBooks is publishing an eBook on LEUKEMIA CAUSES, SYMPTOMS & TREATMENT. Researchers working in these areas are requested to publish book chapter in volume 1.

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Published Chapters:

Phytochemicals as an adjuvant in leukemia therapy

Author(s) : Madhumita Roy*; Apurba Mukherjee; Sutapa Mukherjee; Jaydip Biswas

Aberrant production of immature white blood cells leads to the onset of leukemia. The process of leukemogenesis involves alterations in expressions of various genes and their associated signalling pathways. Existing treatment protocols for leukemia therapy may be quite effective but they pose serious adverse effects on the individual. Therefore, newer means need to be explored which may help to fight the disease. Plant derived molecules, commonly referred to as phytochemicals are stud with various disease fighting properties. They help to fight cancer as well, including leukemia. They exert their action by targeting various signalling molecules that are involved in the process of leukemia. These phytochemicals act preferentially as they target the cancer cells only, sparing the normal healthy cells. This unique property of these molecules helps to reduce the side effects of therapy. Various in vitro and in vivo studies show that when phytochemicals are used to treat cancer cells along with existing therapeutic regimens, the efficacy of the therapy is increased. Thus, if phytochemicals are used in conjunction with existing therapeutic protocols, the outcome of therapy may be improved. However intense clinical trials need to be conducted to prove the efficiency of phytochemicals as adjuvant.

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