Open Access ebooks is an international publisher of eBooks covering the areas of medical & health sciences, engineering & technology, agricultural sciences, social sciences, humanities and natural sciences.

Why publish with us?

Universal Access: eBooks published in Open Access eBooks gain international visibility. No region barriers and content is accessed by everyone across the world from our website. We also deposit published eBooks in different databases.

Freely Available: Open Access eBooks follows the principles of Open Access and the content is available to the readers without any cost. Readers can read, share, and store the published ebooks/book chapters.

Copyright with Authors: As an eBook publisher, we serve researchers in publishing their valuable work after the stringent review process. However, copyright lies with authors. We follow the CC-BY-NC-ND license (

Different Formats: We provide eBooks in PDF and HTML formats. Both formats are user friendly and can act as per the user requirements. We put our efforts to provide other formats in future.

Types of eBooks

Open Access ebooks publishes the below ebook types:

Single authored eBook: eBooks written by a single author are termed as single authored ebooks. It contains around 6 or 7 chapters. All single authored ebooks are peer reviewed by the external reviewers. Accepted ebooks are produced in Open Access ebooks PDF & HTML formats and published online.

Edited eBook: One or more editors will take the responsibility of the ebook. These editors are responsible for reviewing the chapters received under this title. Sometimes, editors also share their work and publish in the ebook.

eBook series: It is a series of volumes under single ebook title. Each volume contains around 6 chapters and is published after review and acceptance from editor. Based on the interest and time availability, new volumes can have new editors.

Information to Author(s)

All chapters should be in English language following either US or UK grammar. Author(s) from non English speaking countries who find difficulty in preparing the chapter should approach professional English editing scientific services.

New chapters are assigned to editors and external reviewers for review. We believe that peer review improves the standards of the work. After acceptance from editor, published chapters are available on the website in PDF & HTML formats following the principles the open access.

Figures and tables should not be imported from other published content unless they are properly cited. Legends to all the figures and tables are mandatory.

Use external software's for producing mathematical equations.

We have a word limit of 8000 words excluding references for each chapter. If your chapter exceeds the limit, contact us with your title and ebook name.

Submission Process

Submit your chapter along with the related documents online. For online submission system, follow:

We also accept chapters submitted to the email address:

We send acknowledgement to all new submissions in 2 working days.

Download cover letter here: LINK

Galley Proofs and Reprints

Galley proofs in PDF format are sent to author(s) in 1 week after chapter acceptance at review. Author(s) are requested to check the PDF and revert the changes (if any) marking them in the same PDF.

We also send reprints or hard copies of published chapters/books upon request. There is a charge associated with this service as it involves printing cost. If you are interested, please contact us.

Chapter Preparation Guidelines

Use Cambria font throughout the chapter.
Don't include content in headers and footers.
Provide index of your chapter in page 1 after the title.
Include affiliations of all the authors including email addresses. Denote (*) for corresponding author.
Keywords and abbreviations should be separated by semi-colon.
Provide numbering to all headings & sub-headings.


Published or accepted manuscripts/chapters should be included in the reference list. Meetings abstracts, conference talks, or papers that have been submitted but not yet accepted should not be cited.

We follow Vancouver style of number system. Authors are requested to provide at least one online link for each reference (All the links are electronically linked to the papers cited).

References format: Authors names. Article title. Journal short name. Published year; volume number: and page numbers.

Please list the first seven authors and then add "et al." if there are additional authors.

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